Welcome to the World of the BUGGITS!


This is a game that I play with my kids. It catalogs the adventures of 3 buggits, anthropomorphic insects that resided in an incredible world of fantasy and adventure.

Our story is about 3 unexpected adventures: Paul Crumby-Buggins, a small but hefty Aphid-Farming introverted Ant; Phillip Chirpington, a somewhat nervous, but loyal Cricket with a large heart and even larger stomach; and Fira Flickerwithe, a haughty and feisty Firefly, who is quite bright and witty.


They are thrown into an adventure to reclaim the lost treasure of the Beetle Kingdom. They are called to this adventure by a mysterious, but wise Grasshopper, calling himself Grasstiel the Green. He is accompanied by 10 hearty and intrepid Beetles. They are led by their rightful king, the fallen King Thorn, a resolute Hercules Beetle.

The 3 are told that the Beetles were

Note: All images (except for the banner) are my own art. The Buggit banner is of the venerable Roger Garland, you can find some of his amazing artwork here