Character Creation

Selecting a Bug-Type

Making characters can be fun, but for kids it can be hard. Kids typically need to have visuals in order to imagine the character. My brother, who also games with his kids (10yrs and 8yrs old) puts together a Powerpoint presentation that has several hyperlinks connecting each slide. This way he has built a mini ’’Choose your own adventure" style character builder. His kids start on the first slide that gives them 2 or 3 choices (all images). He runs this from his tablet. So the kids are able to touch the screen on the image they want. BAM! It takes them to another screen with a few more choices. Its a pretty elaborate algorithm in the end, but it is well worth it. His kids are engaged and they are fueling their imaginations.

For The Buggits, I tried to mimic some of those principles. I started off by getting out several Flash Cards with bug pictures on them. I chose only a select amount. I did not let them choose any of the more predatory creapers…mainly because I wanted to keep those for myself! Once they all chose the bug they wanted (my 8yr old daughter chose a Firefly; my 5 yr old son chose an Ant; and my 4 yr old son chose a cricket), we listed this as there High Concept.

A High Concept is a cool RPG tool. It is like a Class, but so much more. It is single line that describes the character. The High Concept in gameplay defines what a character can do. This includes both positive things and negative things. So my oldest son chose the Ant. But the High Concept is more than just an Ant. He is an Daydreaming Aphid-Farmer Ant.

Character Creation

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